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Welcome to my website. This is where my thoughts and words and deeds hang around. Some you can read, others you can listen to online or on the radio, the occasional thing you can watch. I am interested in lots of things, but the subjects that grab my attention most often are:

Arts, media, culture and society

Modern relationships


Developing Creativity

Where faith fits in the world (often informs the above)

I’ve written about gentrification, domestic violence, marriage proposals, gangs and girls, Adele impersonators, and One Direction. Not all in one article.

I’ve talked about Bowie, Prince, and the meaning of eternity in the digital age, the stigmatisation of singleness, the joy of blogging, and what publishing can learn from 50 Shades of Grey, among other things.

My next book – working title Real Life Love – is about the wild world of Christian dating and relationship advice, how this compares to many, many people’s lived experience, and advice on finding happy, healthy ways through. You can sign up here for updates if you want to join in the fun.

If you want to get in touch with me about other things, you can email me at, tweet me, or message on facebook.

About Vicky Walker

Vicky has had a varied and quite interesting life. She’s worked in fashion PR, retail, design, events management, charity and somehow found a way to travel the world as a trend spotter. She has an array of lovely friends, who laugh with her and at her. She’s had a few adventures, awkward moments, unusual dates and occasionally wonders out loud about the meaning of life.