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Book cover - Do I have to be good all the time? and other awkward questions.

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Vicky Walker's new book - 'Do I have to be good all the time? and other awkward questions' - is now available to order for £7.99 plus postage. Here's what to expect...

There are some deep, profound, life-defining questions we girls may all have pondered at some time…

  • Is there only one way to live?
  • Will anyone mind if I don’t resist temptation?
  • If I find someone attractive is it OK to steal a mobile phone to get their attention?
  • Is there anything in life worth sacrificing everything for?
  • At what point on a first date is it acceptable to start planning the wedding?
  • What is grace and should I get some?

'Do I Have To Be Good All The Time?' attempts to make sense of these tricky topics and more. Vicky Walker explores life, love, pride, control, romance, relationships and why it probably isn’t a good idea to start a fight with a man with ‘Cut Here’ tattooed around his neck. This book cunningly provides the perfect opportunity to sit back and laugh at someone else’s mistakes while pretending to contemplate life’s big questions.

About Vicky Walker

Vicky has had a varied and quite interesting life. She’s worked in fashion PR, retail, design, events management, charity and somehow found a way to travel the world as a trend spotter. She has an array of lovely friends, who laugh with her and at her. She’s had a few adventures, awkward moments, unusual dates and occasionally wonders out loud about the meaning of life.