Brace yourself… I have a new book on the way. Coming in May 2019:

Relatable: Exploring God, Love and Connection in the Age of Choice

Relationships are changing, and the church is struggling to keep up. Many Christians are adrift, faced with a faith culture far removed from their experiences and a faith that finds itself in interesting times: diverging theologies, reports of a shrinking church, and unequal numbers of women and men. Technology is changing how people meet and match, loneliness is increasing, and norms of dating, family, sex, marriage, work, and life are evolving. What is the future for relationships between men and women? What will singleness and marriage look like? Relatable hopes to provide answers and start conversations.

Exploring science, sociology, history, theology, and the many, many messages circulating in society and church culture about men, women and relationships (spoiler: some of them are pretty wild…), Relatable looks at the history of marriage (spoiler: even wilder), and why Christians are prone to promote coupling up as the ultimate achievement. From Old Testament polygamy to Samantha the sex robot, changing perceptions of singleness, sexual hang ups and celibacy, why dating looks different when it happens through a screen, whether women and men really are so different, who doesn’t go to church and why, and whether churches can be part of the answer in creating supportive communities.

Almost 1500 people contributed, sharing experiences and opinions with the Real Life Love survey and they’re a core part of the book. From teens to over sixties, stories from all stages of life and love bring into focus the challenges of navigating faith and relationships. A huge thank you to you all who took part – I’m honoured you’ve trusted me with your stories and shared your wisdom.

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Do I Have To Be Good All The Time? And Other Awkward Questions

There are some deep, profound, life-defining questions we may all have pondered at some time. Is there only one way to live? Will anyone mind if I don’t resist temptation? If I find someone attractive, is it OK to steal a mobile phone to get their attention? Is there anything in life worth sacrificing everything for? At what point on a first date is it acceptable to start planning the wedding? What is grace and should I get some? Do I Have To Be Good All The Time? attempts to make sense of these tricky topics and more.

You can read the first chapter for free. If you’re a UK reader you can buy the book here and US readers can get it here.